Beauty and commercials

Welcome to the era where advertisements play a huge role in influencing different lives. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the jewellery to make up! Everything is influenced by advertisements. In this decade, every 3 out of 5 homes would have television and advertisements cannot be skipped. Advertisements are closely associated with the modern era of digital marketing also. Pop up adds and adds before a video cannot be avoided to a certain limit. On an average we might come across almost 50- 60 advertisements daily. Be it through televisions, or magazines, or flyers on roads. Advertisements play a significant role in our life.

The most selling commercials.

Believe it or not, the cosmetic commercials are sold the most. Especially among the teens. There is an urge to improve skin or nails or hair. People get easily carried away by the cosmetic advertisements and mostly purchase products they get lured by watching the various commercials. The beauty pageants that feature in advertisements are mostly tall, skinny and fair. The commercials are portrayed in such a way that beauty represents tall, skinny and fair women. Since we get influenced by what we see, in most homes, it is believed that only fair men or women would be handsome or beautiful.

Beauty stereotypes.

There are numerous stereotypes on how beauty is portrayed. Many people believe that fair toned people could only be pretty. Some others believe only the fair toned can come up in Life and would be accepted by everyone. Fair toned people are appreciated, and it’s a shame that, in the modern era, if you are fair, then you are beautiful is said very often. These are some of the stereotypes. People get fooled by the cosmetic industry as they suppose applying fairness cream, or any product for that matter would change their skin tone. People strive their level best to imitate their role models. With money, this gets worse. Plastic surgery to alter appearance, injections to reduce appetite, surgery to remove fat are quite common. What has the concept of beauty changed to these days?


You are who you are!

Beauty starts with being and accepting who you are. More than your face, you are remembered for your character. What is the use of having a fair face but a grumpy smile? Beauty is much more than being fair. If you are confident and believe in yourself half your insecurities are dealt with already. This does not mean you should be least bothered about yourself. Carry yourself with pride and take care of whatever skin you have. Protect your skin from adverse cold and sun. Nourish your body well and eat the healthy body. Fat or lean, everyone is beautiful in their way. Always remember, beauty is skin deep!