What Is a Monument Sign and Its Use for Business All About?

Monument signs are a great way to promote your business, if you know what you’re doing. Unlike most types of signs, a monument sign really sticks out, and it can speak a lot about your company, depending on what your business focuses on.

Whether you own a large facility out of town, or you have an office building that needs more attention from your clients and partners, setting up a monument sign can be a great idea.

What Does a Monument Sign Look Like?

As soon as you see what a monument sign actually looks like, you’ll know exactly why its use might be regarded as extremely popular. A well-designed monument sign is made to stand out, typically being constructed from rock or marble, and showcasing your business or organization through large, bold letters and possibly some catchy images and carvings as well.

Monument signs can be added as an extension of your brick or stone fence, or it can just be placed on your property facing the gate and sticking out from the scenery, so that visitors can see it clearly.

In some cases, monument signs are placed outside the grounds of the property, so they can be more easily seen from the road or highway. Motels, inns, gas stations and restaurants often have these types of signs set out at a good distance from the building itself, so drivers can have enough time to slow down and enter the driveway, before passing it by.

Making Your Sign Appealing and Informative

While some monument signs do have more information written on them than others, according to Denver sign company experts, it’s a typical trend to keep these signs simple and catchy. So, instead of writing a lengthy description about your company, it’s usually best to include only the logo, your company name, and some graphics that can exemplify the message that you’d like to convey through your sign. The picture of a distinctive looking fork and knife or a chef’s hat, for example, is more than enough to show people that your sign is pointing towards a nearby restaurant that you own.

If you really want to make your monument sign more informative, however, you can also think about adding digital signage into the mix. A screen showing your restaurant’s specials placed right below the sign, or a monitor that displays images of catchy destinations for a travel agency could work great towards improving the appeal of your company, and letting every passerby know what’s in store for them.

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Would a Monument Sign Be the Right Choice for You?

Monument signs can be a great asset, but not for every company. You have to remember that they can be expensive and difficult to set up in some cases, so you have to think about whether or not it might be worth the investment to get it for your business or organization.

Companies that get most of their customers online usually don’t need a monument sign, especially if they don’t receive a lot of visits from actual clients or business partners. However, if your company relies on people in your local area noticing it and walking in to do business with you, then a catchy looking monument sign will be a definite plus for your business’ productivity.