Summer season refers to dry skin, dry hair, dehydration, loss of water from the body, spreading of diseases and so on. As the scorching heat of the sun increases, there are chances of cracking up of skin and dehydration. Most cases of sunstroke and skin diseases are also reported during summer time. It is necessary to take good care of yourself from the start before the summer turns out to be too harsh on you. Here are some tips that you can consider for your next summer.

Importance of keeping yourself hydrated.

You would be surprised to know what drinking lots of water can do well to your body. Keep drinking fluids and keep your body hydrated. Drinking ample amounts of water help keep your skin, hair and nails nourished. Consider a plant, what happens if you don’t feed it with sufficient water? Its leaves wear away. Your body is similar to the example of the plant. Low water intake can lead to hair fall. Keep drinking water to check for hair fall and dry skin. One of the major symptoms of loss of water from the body is tiredness and fatigue. Drinking fresh fruit juice keeps you energetic throughout the day. Do not go for synthetic aerated drinks. In the long run, it may take a toll on your health.  Eat plenty of fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, papaya, lettuce, grams, etc., that cools down your body. Stick to eating light during summers.


Take good care of your hair and body.

Too much exposure to sunlight can irritate skin, sweatiness, dryness of scalp, chipping away of lips etc. Take care of your body. Wear a protective cream before you go out. Cover your head with a shawl to protect your hair from direct sunlight. To prevent dry scalp, oil your hair well, especially in the summers. Apply Vaseline or any good lip balm to your lips. If possible, choose a good lip balm with high SPF value. Always apply sunscreen before you go out. Choose a good cream with SPF preferably above 35. Cover your legs with stockings or wear full covered shoes to protect your feet from the tan or dry skin. Aloe Vera gel usually works best against dry skin and to cool down your body. Prefer staying indoors during the day. Always carry an umbrella while walking on the road. Choose a dark coloured umbrella as it would absorb more amount of sunlight. Take a bath twice every day. Avoid rough soaps. Try to switch to using natural homemade soaps.


Wear very minimal clothes during summer. Preferably cotton clothes that do not allow the body to sweat too much. Avoid wearing dark colour clothing as they absorb more sunlight.